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Treat yourself to a Warm Bath of Honey

There is nothing like running a warm bath after a long day out in the chilly, December weather; however, baths can leave your skin feeling just as dry as the Winter air outside! So how can you combat this? The answer is honey! Here are the keys to a luxurious Honey Baby bath experience.

Mama’s Magic Moringa & Honey Oil

With just two to three tablespoons of our Mama’s Magic Moringa & Honey Oil in your bath, your skin will be treated to the rejuvenating properties of moringa and avocado oil working together to provide elasticity and moisture. Your body will feel rejuvenated from head to toe, and all you have to do is relax and let it go to work!

Bee Sweet Face & Body Butter

Your bath may have ended but your luxury experience doesn’t have to. Once you’ve exited your bath, gently massage our lightweight Bee Sweet Face & Body Butter into your skin. The whipped, creamy butter has shea butter and honey infused in it to deeply condition your skin with its natural antibacterial and hydrating properties. It’s effective and does not leave the skin oily or clogged.

Honey Nectar Body Jelly

If you have areas of your skin that are prone to extreme dryness like elbows, hands, and feet, then the petroleum-free Honey Nectar Body Jelly will work wonders in enhancing your bathing experience. This honey sweet blend of raw agave honey nectar, jojoba oil, and vitamin E is flying off the shelves! Why? Because of its ability to provide a lightweight, protective layer of antioxidants and hydration for your skin. This yummy concoction helps prevent moisture loss, without leaving an oily residue behind. Just gently massage the jelly into those dry areas following your bath to give your skin that soft Honey Baby glow.

Checkout our #Curlfriends raving about our Honey Baby skincare products during a Holiday Soiree last year!

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