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Honey Baby’s Naughty Hair List

Honey Baby Naturals is making a list and checking it twice to see who has been treating their hair nicely! In freezing temperatures, treating your hair can feel like a hassle - especially when throwing on a hat serves as a tempting alternative. This kind of thinking will not only leave your hair undernourished, but also will put you on our naughty hair list! To be sure you haven’t made the list, here are some hair don’ts that you’ll want to avoid this Winter, followed by pictures of some hair dos with Youtuber @Dlang33!

Don’t: Strip Your Hair of Its Natural Oils When Washing

Many shampoos contain sulfates and parabens - harsh chemicals that strip the hair of its natural oils. This results in dry, frizzy hair. Don’t Fret! Honey Baby Naturals’ Award Winning Honeychild Moisture Balance Gentle Shampoo possesses a blend of premium honey and chamomile that helps your hair’s natural moisture remain protected and balanced through its soothing, natural antiseptic properties. As always, you’ll want to further hydrate your hair after washing using our Award Winning Honey Sweet Softening Conditioner. The Honey Sweet Softening Conditioner contains premium honey and milk protein that work together to soften your hair while adding an extra layer of protection from breakage.

Don’t: Let Your Hair Become Tangled or Matted

Curls can serve as an expression of freedom - defying gravity with every coil. Often times, when left unchecked, those coils can interlock and make it hard for you to comb or brush through them for washing or styling. Our Knot My Honey Instant Detangler uses silk protein, aloe vera, and (oh yes) premium honey to lightly coat your hair with vitamins and proteins to moisturize and strengthen your hair for a smooth, breakage-free comb through.

Don’t: Leave Your Hair Unprotected When Going Outside

Your hair needs protection from the elements just as your skin does. With dropping temperatures, it is imperative to provide your hair with strength and nutrients once you finish washing and treating your hair. Our Milk & Honey Leave-In Conditioner does just that by using its honey and milk protein to strengthen cuticles and prevent split ends in just a few sprays! The honey, shea butter, and coconut oil in our Honey Shea Butter Hair Smoothie provide nutrients and combat post-wash frizz or breakage. Both work to hydrate and strengthen your hair so that it may be prepared for Winter weather.

Youtuber Dorese B

Don’t: Change Hairstyles Without Proper Treatment

Many hairstyles that put stress on your hair, like braids or heat, can diminish your hair’s health over time if not properly treated in between. Your hair needs some time to rest and heal itself before being provided with tension once more. The Honey & Ginseng Energizing Hair Masque assists with this process by repairing your hair right down to its cuticle. This is through its key ingredients: honey, mango, and ginseng. The ginseng extract works to stimulate the scalp to promote hair growth, while the honey and mango butter hydrates and seals cuticles to restore your hair’s strength and overall luster. Once your hair’s health is fully restored, it will be ready for more styling adventures!

Don’t: Leave Residue on Your Hair

In an attempt to tame our beloved curls, we often turn to products that are heavy and leave a residue that sits on our hair all day. Our alcohol-free Hold It Honey Styling Gel provides the hydrating hold you seek without oily residue you get with other products. The Hold It Honey Styling Gel contains flaxseed that provide a natural, soft hold without a crunchy or oily feel. It also contains jojoba oil and honey that seals in the hair’s moisture while providing a hydrating layer of protection. The end result is soft, lasting curls, are free to bounce around without the weight of heavy product.

If you fall victim to these Naughty hair practices, put Honey Baby Naturals at the top of your Holiday Wish List...and spread good cheer with hair that's healthy and NICE!

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