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A Honey Baby Christmas

A Honey Baby Christmas can entail a variety of things for different families. Whether it be baking sugar cookies for Santa, or playing charades around a warm fire, every family has their way of making Christmas special for their Honey Babies. We sat down with Honey Baby Naturals' Founder and CEO, Aisha Ceballos- Crump to find out what a Honey Baby Christmas means to her and her family.

“My kids love Christmas,” said Aisha warmly. “Every year they wake up earlier and earlier to celebrate it!”

For the Ceballos-Crump family, Christmas is a beloved holiday. According to Aisha, her youngest daughter even writes Santa notes asking him questions. When Christmas finally arrives, her children eagerly clamor out of bed to begin the day’s festivities.

One their traditions is to sit down to a home cooked feast of Puerto Rican and soul food to celebrate their bicultural roots. Once they’ve eaten to their heart’s desire, they strap on the oven mitts to bake some yummy Christmas treats.

“My girls love to bake,” said Aisha. “Cookies, cupcakes, you name it.”

Before they know it, the aroma in the air is deliciously sugared and they throw on their pajamas to watch sports together while they munch on their treats.

The day finally comes to a fulfilling close; however, the Christmas festivities don’t stop there. On January 5, Aisha’s children celebrate their Puerto Rican roots further by placing a box of grass under their beds at night and waking up to a gift in its place – a tradition in the Latin holiday: Día De los Reyes, or Day of the Kings.

In conclusion, a Honey Baby Christmas for the Ceballos-Crump family is about more than just gift giving.

“The celebration is about family and love,” said Aisha. “My kids understand that Christmas is not just about the gifts, but the blessings.”

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