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Do Away with Scary Hair in 6 Easy Steps

While Fall may signal a time for all things spooky, it also indicates the coming of chilly weather. With dropping temperatures, the air becomes drier – making it important to keep your hair hydrated and protected. Fall is meant to be scary, but your hair doesn’t have to be. Here are six easy steps from a natural hair twist out tutorial by Natural Hair Blogger, @classycurlies, to prevent scary hair.

Step 1: Shampoo

You’ll need to wet your hair before sectioning it off and gently applying the shampoo to your scalp evenly. This first step is the scariest of them all for many naturals because shampoos often strip the hair of its natural oils due to the sulfates and parabens it contains. The Honeychild Moisture Balance Gentle Shampoo contains neither of those, and instead possesses premium honey and chamomile to cleanse your hair without stripping it of its natural luster.

Step 2: Condition

Moisture is natural hair’s best friend! So, once your hair is nice and clean, remove any excess water, and section off your hair once more to apply the Honey Sweet Softening Conditioner from the roots to the ends. It contains honey and milk protein to not only provide moisture, but also add essential vitamins and nutrients, while preventing breakage during combing. Let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing.

Step 3: Treatment

Now it’s time to pamper your hair a bit with the Honey & Ginseng Energizing Hair Masque! Apply the masque from root to tip before letting it sit for 5-10 minutes and washing it out. The Honey & Mango within the Honey & Ginseng Energizing Hair Masque will hydrate, soften, and seal cuticles while the Ginseng simultaneously stimulates your scalp and promotes hair growth.

Step 4: Detangle

Once the conditioner is rinsed out, separate your hair in four sections and apply a small amount of our Award Winning Knot My Honey Instant Detangler with a comb or detangling brush. Rinse your hair then spray your sectioned off hair with the Milk & Honey Leave-In Conditioner. The Milk & Honey Leave In Conditioner will soften your hair as the Knot My Honey Instant Detangler, as the name suggests, detangles and melts away any knots that may form in your hair to make combing through your curls a breeze. In the process, your hair is lightly coated with aloe vera, silk protein, and (of course) honey to strengthen your hair and keep it healthy.

Step 5: Twist!

And now it’s time for the styling! You can begin by combing and twisting your hair using a generous amount of the Honey Shea Butter Hair Smoothie topped off with a layer of Hold It Honey Styling Gel. The coconut oil mixed with the honey & shea butter in the Honey Shea Butter Hair Smoothie will provide extreme moisture as the flaxseed in the alcohol-free Hold It Honey Styling Gel promotes hair growth and creates a soft natural hold for your twists without leaving your hair dry, flaky, or crunchy. The smaller the twist, the tighter the curl, so feel free to change up the twist size based on your personal preference!

Step 6: Untwist

Now that you’ve cleansed, softened, and twisted your hair, it is time to see the fruits of your labor! Using a few drops of the Mama’s Magic Moringa & Honey Oil to further hydrate your hair, undo your twists. Once you’ve finished untwisting, further separate the coils for desired volume then voila! You can now rock your curls without fear this Fall.

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